About us

Pasquale De Rosa CEO DR TEX

DR TEX was set up at the beginning of 2012 by a father and son: one with excellent professional experience from a different field, and the other with a university degree in Business Studies, and both particularly attentive to the environment.

The company originally opened for business in Bucciano, in the province of Benevento, located in the Caudina Valley, on the slopes of Mount Taburno.

In 2015, the prospects for growth were such that DR TEX decided to move to its current premises, in Via Caracciano no. 4, in the industrial area of Airola (Benevento), remaining in the Caudina Valley.

Maria De Rosa Administration manager DR TEX

Our Mission is:

  • to make a practical, effective contribution to respecting the environment, safeguarding the natural resources of our planet, reducing waste and creating job opportunities.
  • to promote the COLLECTION OF USED CLOTHES by removing them from separate waste collections.
  • to make good use of the waste collected – “CER 200110 200111” textile fraction.

When this waste arrives in our establishment, it undergoes a rigorous process of hygienisation (essential to kill off any bacteria), inspection and selection.

This is carried out by specialised operators able to divide products up by type and quality.

Pasquale Letterese Production manager DR TEX


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